A new and different look at the subject of “depression”

A new and different look at the subject of “depression”

Depression is not from sadness, it is from family anger; But it is anger directed at you; When you are angry with yourself for a long time, this Old anger makes you hostile to yourself, you become your own enemy, you become your own biggest enemy, and you know what we do with the enemy?
We fight with him, we humiliate him, we trivialize his work, we annoy him, we blame him, we make fun of him; We don’t like him, we hate him and…

Yes! Depression is the anger that you have had on yourself and you have not stopped fighting with yourself; You remain grumpy and depressed.

Instead of fighting, make peace with yourself, instead of being your enemy, be your friend; What do you expect from your best friend? Do the same for yourself to become your own best friend…

Forgive yourself in the first step;
You will not get peace until you get over your mistakes and mistakes…
To achieve this goal, you must also forgive others…

Old anger becomes an enemy over time, an enemy or hostility means enmity; This means that if you are angry with someone for a long time, you have become enmity with him…whether it is you; what else…

Text: Abbas Nazeri
With a little purification and additions

Decision on two ways

Decision on two ways:

One of the pervasive challenges throughout life is deciding on the available ways. In the meantime, any choice can affect our evolution

Place your beam.

In general, there are two ways to consider:

۱- Conscious choice with certainty
and in opposite
۲- Biased decision making

✅The basics of conscious choice are:

✔️ Effort, diligence and perseverance
✔️ Using the knowledge and experiences of successful people
✔️ Consult with experts
✔️Decisive decision making with certainty

✅in return; It is a fanatical movement that in this direction, a person:
✔️She has incomplete or little knowledge
✔️ He does not try to understand and understand the right path
✔️ She is deprived of consulting with caring and knowledgeable people
✔️ She firmly insists on her wrong decision.

Why do romantic relationships fail?

Why do romantic relationships fail?

The following article is republished with the permission of the respected master Sarkar Mrs. Dr. Bombay Chi.

Hello dear ones

Sometimes we hear from people around us that people who happen to be very romantically interested in me break up and whether they are partners or other spouses, they are interested in me.

They don’t continue living together, we are shocked that where did all that love go? once upon a time

It may happen to us, but not always to the neighbor!

In the next post and in continuation and completion of her talks, I will briefly present the results of my studies to you dear ones.

What is the secret of emotional, emotional and stable work relationships?

What is the secret of emotional, emotional and stable work relationships?

Why, with the passage of time and after love is replaced by wise relationships, the couple’s bond gradually weakens?

In general, how long does each partnership work? Why, after years of suffering and exhausting work, two or more intimate partners end their relationship and every

Do they go to each other?

Can feelings, emotions, emotions guarantee the stability and durability of relationships (work or emotional) forever?

Please send me your answers in detail and mention the details so that I can summarize them in the next post.


Emotional, romantic and business ties are formed in every possible way.

Emotional, love and work connections are formed in every possible way.

But the challenge ahead is their long-term stability and durability.
Although there are many factors for the long-term stability of emotional, emotional and work relationships; But all these factors can be expressed in a general framework:

“mutual need”

There are four rules in this regard:
▪️ Needs are a combination of material and spiritual issues.
The length of the relationship has a direct relationship with the amount of mutual need; In other words, the greater the mutual need, the longer the relationship will last.
The duration of the relationship has a direct relationship with the duration of mutual need; In other words, as long as there is mutual need, the relationship is stable.
The more intimate the relationship is, the more the satisfaction of mutual needs is, and as a result of the frustration of satisfying mutual needs, violence and coldness of relationships are formed.

Based on “mutual need”, both partners (emotional, business, etc.) will continue on their path and will accept all adversities, hardships, differences in tastes, bitterness, etc.
But when one of the parties can meet his needs from another place or in another way, or feels unnecessary; This relationship gradually or suddenly becomes cold and silent.

In other words; The presence or absence of each party in the relationship must be tangible and tangible; That is, if you were not present for a day, the void in your existence should be felt and so should the other person…
that’s mean:
“Being and not being in any relationship should make a significant difference to the other person.”

Now put all the recommendations that are given to have a stable relationship in this framework.

Therefore, as long as the parties need each other, they will automatically observe all these points:
– Have mercy.
– Make time for each other.
– Do not compete with each other.

In the end, I remind you that long-term relationships are not strengthened by clichéd words and advice; Rather, they need strategic and executive instructions.

Humans adapt (not change) to their environmental conditions.

Humans adapt (not change) according to environmental conditions;
But only as long as they are in that environment.
In other words, it is not possible to change the nature and shape of any human being in this world; Rather, through education, only the right direction can be given to him.
Of course, this upbringing can be fixed in the genes little by little over several generations.

So, on the path of life, we only have the right to choose who we travel with; Someone who is 80% close to us in terms of temperament.

Regardless of age, gender, religion, race, ethnicity, we should have friendship and positive and constructive interaction with good people.

Need → goal → behavior

How to reach the desired result in existing disagreements?

According to Mr. William Glasser’s theory, “need” and “behavior” are on the two ends of the scale; Whenever behavior and desire (need) are aligned and reinforcing, the bottom of the scale will be equal; Therefore, it is necessary to adopt a behavior that brings you closer to your desire and goal; Not the other way around.
For example, if you want the study environment to be calm, you should adopt a behavior that will lead you to your desire. In this case, fighting and aggression creates a negative atmosphere that makes it harder to achieve the goal.

Need → goal → behavior

How does change happen?

How does change happen?

so that ideas, thoughts and plans do not become habits; They will not go anywhere.

It takes 3 weeks for a subject to become a habit with “repetition and practice” and it takes 3 months for a “life style” to change.

It is by changing life style that many problems and obstacles can be overcome; Even many difficult and incurable diseases are treated.

It may be safe to say:
“The most efficient and effective way to definitively treat addiction is to completely change the living environment along with achieving a new life style”.

Part of the new edition of the book “My Advisor

The art of conversation

The art of conversation alongside the culture of apology”

Be upset with me, be upset, be angry… but don’t be angry! Don’t fall into yourself

Don’t hurt with the third and fourth person and others! When you calm down, come back so we can talk

Face to face, I listen patiently until you say and I say and I expect to be heard…

Let’s talk and the power of apology and the power of expressing feelings; Like oxygen in the air, flow through our culture and communication.

learning articlesIf the culture of dialogue and apology is institutionalized in our relations, it will definitely solve many existing problems and crises quickly.

setting goals in life; It leads man from the path of emptiness to excellence, growth and enjoyment of life.

🎯 goal setting in life; It leads man from the path of emptiness to excellence, growth and enjoyment of life.

This goal setting creates an endless motivation in her that no factor can weaken her will.

To move forward in life, there must be two types of goal setting.

۱٫ Long-term goal setting:
According to his worldview and attitude to life, man chooses a way that suits his needs, which is called long-term goal setting.

  • important points:
    ✅ After consulting and consulting with experienced and expert people, doubts should give way to certainty and stability.
    ✅ Under no circumstances should goals and long-term plans be told to others (even close people); Because the human brain feels that it has done and finished the work; Therefore, it loses its initial motivation.
    ✅ It should be noted that long-term goal setting should be done only once after consultation and final summary.
    ✅ Long-term goal setting must be written.
  • So:
    – The general strategy is planned only once.
    – Must be written.
    – Do not share with anyone.
    – Don’t think about it frequently to prevent despair and frustration.
    – Avoid any doubts after moving.

۲٫ Short term goals:
After determining the general strategy and long-term goal setting, it is enough to take care of your daily tasks and implement the plan regularly and accurately.
If you do the things related to that day correctly, completely and calmly every day and do not pay attention to negative and annoying thoughts; This is called short-term goal setting.

small steps; But continuous every day will make you approach your final and long-term goal calmly.
With this method, empty thoughts and frustration disappear and motivation and energy take their place. Long-term goal setting is a necessary condition and short-term goal setting is a sufficient condition.