Dear colleagues and students

One of the latest books in the field of “Posterior Composite Repair” has been published by Nova Publications.

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After printing this discount will be reduced to 20%.

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Holding an online counseling session on the importance of balance score

Online counseling session for candidates participating in the dental residency exam 1402 and 1403
Saturday, December 19; 21:00

with topics:

  • Importance of balance score
  • The reason for the lack of motivation and indifference of the specialization course candidates after a few years?
  • fatigue and impatience these days; Dopamine or serotonin?
  • ۱۴۰۲ or 1403?
  • The position of long-term planning versus short-term planning
  • The importance of the road map at any stage of study
  • Comparison of the effectiveness of coefficient courses and coefficient 1
  • “Targeted Study” vs. “Blind” Study
  • The role of sympathetic family in success

The participation is free for all dear colleagues and students.

Telegram channel link for the meeting:


Presentation of the book on the restoration of root canal teeth

My last book; “Repair of root canal teeth”
Along with the complete teaching of its content, it will be presented to you dear colleagues soon.

In this collection, a summary of the latest articles and books will be presented in this field.
Obviously, the present book along with the full teaching of its points will have the most use and application.

Those interested can click on the link below to register and view the chapters of the taught book (theory and practical Live).

Due to the limited capacity, priority is given to friends who confirm their pre-registration in the link below.