The art of conversation

The art of conversation alongside the culture of apology”

Be upset with me, be upset, be angry… but don’t be angry! Don’t fall into yourself

Don’t hurt with the third and fourth person and others! When you calm down, come back so we can talk

Face to face, I listen patiently until you say and I say and I expect to be heard…

Let’s talk and the power of apology and the power of expressing feelings; Like oxygen in the air, flow through our culture and communication.

learning articlesIf the culture of dialogue and apology is institutionalized in our relations, it will definitely solve many existing problems and crises quickly.

The role of context in our judgments and positions today



Context’s role in our judgments and positions today:

people in the same space of their historical time and place; That is, see the existing context;
Then pay attention, if you were in the same time and place, what decision would you make??

Important note:
Judge people in sensitive times…
Please read the file description carefully and to the end.