Absurdity is a human feeling…

Emptiness is a human feeling… and it occurs when a person faces a void in front of the meaning of life.

When we don’t know what we want from our life, we feel empty, and when we think about the end and death in the middle of life after forming a family and having a wife and children, doubts take root in our souls and we ask ourselves what is the meaning of all this. And it is useful. Here, too, the sense of human emptiness is included.

People usually feel empty in two periods of life:

✅ First, in adolescence, when they understand the responsibility of their lives and beyond their childhood dreams, they are confused about what they are doing in this world and what they should do.

✅ Second, in the middle age, who have tasted the pleasures of life and understood their mortality and see the shadow of death behind half of their life.

Apart from these two, in some situations, a person is caught in the feeling of emptiness. In the death of loved ones, when a person’s relatives die in the blink of an eye; In the events and tragedies such as earthquake or war, the existence of a human being and the dreams and the meaning of life are under the control of something more powerful than the meaning, and a small person touches himself. Also in situations such as financial bankruptcy, emotional separation and divorce, unwanted migration from the country, failure in education or in emotional relationships.

In all these cases, people feel empty due to their age and attitude towards life as well as their lived experience.

One of the reasons for such a person’s sense of emptiness can be a mental illness or a disorder such as depression. Another reason could be the lack of an emotional support system in the past or present; It means that in the past, he did not receive enough emotional load from his parents or he is not loved by anyone at the moment.

Another reason can be the abuse of drugs or medicine or dependence on alcohol, which after some time and passing the period of euphoria and creating dependence leads to a feeling of emptiness in a person.

Being too involved in social networks and news sites can also be another reason for feeling empty.

Social Networks; Like Instagram and seeing daily pictures and videos of people who are apparently happy can lead to losing a sense of worth in some people.

Too much involvement in the media news, which is often negative, can also bring a person to a point where she can not imagine the meaning of life and suffer from the doubt of meaninglessness and emptiness.

Absurdity is a human emotion… In addition to the above, there are deep meanings that can give meaning to life…

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