Advising on field selection


Advising on field selection

Every year, after the announcement of the preliminary results of the dental assistant exam, a large number of test takers are faced with many questions regarding the choice of field:

  1. Should I use the quota of the armed forces?
  2. Should I use the local quota?
  3. If I have both a native quota and a warrior quota, which one should I use?
  4. What are the benefits of free quota?
  5. What is the difference between special and general commitment?
  6. I haven’t found my real interest in the fields yet!
  1. I am hesitant between two or more courses!
  2. Is the order of choosing the field important?
  3. How is the job market and contacts of each of these fields?
  4. What was the last pass rate last year in each field?
  5. After graduation, in what field can I become a faculty member?
  6. Is it better for me to pass the k coefficient as a medical staff or the academic board?
  7. How is the coefficient k different from the plan and the office score? And what is their relationship?

۱۴ . What are the conditions for using the local quota?

۱۵ . Is it more likely to be accepted with the native quota?

۱۶ . Can I remove the native quota when choosing a field?

۱۷ . Can the commitment of expertise be purchased?

۱۸ . How many years is the commitment level of native students different from normal?

۱۹ . How effective is the use of the brilliant talent quota?

۲۰ . What are the conditions for admission to Azad University?

It is hoped that by answering these questions, we will be able to pave the way for your future path. First of all, it is necessary to mention that these issues are for the purpose of clarification and more awareness, and the main criteria are the circulars and announcements of the secretary of the specialized council of dentistry.

Criteria and criteria in choosing a successful field:

The most important and first step in choosing a field is to pay attention to your interests and personality traits, nothing can replace your love and interest in that field in the future, when emotions subside and reason becomes stable. This is the thing that motivates you in the future when you are freed from all material and external problems and is the engine that drives you to continue working, researching and teaching. If you are in doubt between two or more disciplines, interest and Consider your ability in that field. After that, take into account your social and spiritual supports. For example, if you have a professor who has always cared for you; So that you can benefit from his help and guidance in the future, consider it as an influential parameter.

In arranging the sequence of courses, it is important to have a common rank with other candidates; If you do not have a common rank (the number of common marks is mentioned as one), the sequence is not very important; Because the right of priority is with the ranks ahead.

But if you have the same rank and score, the choice of your competitors’ field has a great impact on your success or failure; For example, if the candidate’s rank is 185 and the number of common grades (ranks) is mentioned as three, this means that two other people also have this grade and rank. ) which is empty, they will get priority and if its capacity is filled (field/city)

The next two people will be denied admission. Although the answer to this question, what was the rank of the last person who passed in each field, is a guide to some extent, but based on the attention and acceptance of that field, this issue may be changed; For example, last year there was a lot of interest in the field of maxillofacial surgery and the top ranks chose it as their first priority, so the last rank of the accepted person was 240; While this year, the number of people interested in this field has decreased

and there is a possibility that you can be accepted in this field with a higher rank. It should be noted that in all quotas, paying attention to the total rank is a better criterion for measuring and evaluating the situation among the candidates. One of the proper ways to make a decision is to consult with professors and experts who have at least ten years of work experience. Consultation with people who have just started working; Not only does it not help much, but it may cause you to get confused and away from your desired path.

For this purpose, you can familiarize yourself with the job market of each field; The job market of each field has a direct relationship with the individual capabilities and personality of each person, so the field alone cannot have a significant impact on success; For this reason, it is often seen that two people with common expertise have different success. .

Regarding quotas, it should be stated at the beginning that there are six types of acceptance:

  1. General quota
  2. free quota
  3. special quota
  4. The quota of warriors
  5. Quota of brilliant talent
  6. Quota of the armed forces


In the beginning, it is necessary to explain that each participant can use only one type of the above and it is not possible to use two types of quotas at the same time.

  1. General quota (general obligation): The most attraction is related to this group.

In this group there are people who do not have any special quota and after passing and completing the residency course, they are divided based on the score of the board and the declaration of the need of educational and medical centers. Passing the obligation of this course, which is called the k coefficient, is 2.5 times. It is the years of education and it changes according to the required provincial centers with different coefficients. During this period, a person can be present in one of the medical centers or university centers (in the form of a faculty). It should be noted that for people who have completed the general course plan after graduation (in the form of presence in deprived areas or military service), a certain amount of the k coefficient will be deducted from the duration of that obligation. But for the people who directly entered the specialization course, in the first two years, their coefficient k is also calculated for their plan. During this period, based on the service area and its score, the desired score for establishing the office in the future is also provided. .

Therefore, if a person does not have the necessary points for the office license, it is better to provide the necessary points by passing the coefficient k at the same time. It is not recommended to use free quota for this group. It should be noted that the coefficient k cannot be purchased, and in order to have no obligation (to pass the coefficient k), it is recommended to use the free quota. Obviously, people who

The academic staff are working and teaching in the Faculty of Dentistry, after the end of the course, if the faculty of the teaching place wishes, they can continue their cooperation in the form of a contract.

  1. Free Quota: People who wish to use the free quota, by paying the annual tuition fee, are exempted from passing the legal obligations of the specialization course (factor k). Of course, if these people have not passed the plan, it is necessary to spend these two years to get a permanent license. Another point is that obtaining the points necessary to establish a clinic remains on its own strength. Therefore, this type of admission that is specific to Islamic Azad University (Tehran branch, Khorasgan) and some of the fields

It is recommended to the candidates who have passed the manpower plan and have an active office or have enough privileges to establish an office, so that they can continue their work after the end of the specialization course. Due to the lack of legal obligations, these people have the possibility to become a member of the academic faculty of the university by participating in the call of the dental schools. Meanwhile, the friends who commit to pass the coefficient k for the title of assistant professor in any school after the end of the commitment period. If they are not required by the relevant faculty, they are obliged to settle the account and leave the relevant department. It should be noted that before announcing the results of Shahid University, there is a certain date for those who have obtained the maximum marks for interview.

It announces ideological-social and then subsequently announces the names of those accepted.

  1. Special quota (indigenous obligation): People who have indigenous conditions, if they use this type of quota, they must serve the university and the city they belong to, for three times the duration of the residency period. In addition to these years, the obligation of a general doctorate is also added, considering that this group is mostly recruited as academic staff (assistant professor) and in its own province.

This situation is very suitable for people who really want to stay in their city, but it can be used for volunteers who want to migrate abroad or who are interested in working and teaching in another university or city. It is not recommended. According to the urgent need of the cities, this quota helps to attract academic staff so that high-ranking candidates can also be accepted. Therefore, it is better for people with borderline scores (ranks) to use this type of quota to ensure acceptance. People who have chosen the native quota during registration can skip it if they do not need it. In any case, the indigenous quota increases the acceptance rate to a significant extent, so that its effect seems to be greater than the use of the soldiers’ quota. It should be noted that in the local selection, dentists can only choose fields that their province has declared the need for, and they are denied admission to other fields.

  1. Warriors Quota: Candidates who have the conditions to use the warriors quota, if they have 80% of the score/field of the last person who passed normally, they can be considered as a capacity, for example, a person who is ranked 2nd in the quota and overall He has the rank of 158. He must have obtained 80% of the final grade of Orthodontics of Tehran University in order to be accepted, and the rank of 2 is not the only criterion. The people who use the fighters’ quota, although they are exempted from the manpower plan, but like all other groups, they are obliged to pass the k coefficient. It may be different.
  2. Quota for brilliant students: Students who are eligible for the bright talent quota can use this quota only once in the last semester of their studies, provided that they graduate by September 31 of the same year (before starting the residency program) or after graduation. There are two issues in this group:
  3. Permission to participate in the exam
  4. Use of elite student points

In order to be allowed to participate in the exam before completing 2 years of planning or 2 years of clinical work experience, the following conditions must be met:

۱ . National exam rank below 500

  1. Having a total GPA above 16

But in the second case, those who are eligible to use educational, research and welfare facilities for brilliant talents, if the university announces excess capacity, they must obtain 90% of the score of the last person accepted in that field, plus the confirmation of brilliant talent (according to the regulations). and get a certificate from the university where they study, they must have at least 40 points (according to the attached table). After the examination, the documents will be approved and used in the Talent Commission of the Secretariat of the Specialized Council of Dentistry. With a brief look at the table of required points, you can see that it is very difficult to get it and it will be more fruitful to use the time to study and test.

  1. Quota of the armed forces: Dentists working in the armed forces can use the 10% surplus quota. Of course, it should be noted that these people can only choose the fields that the armed forces have declared the need for, and these people are denied admission to other fields. After graduation, this group will spend their time in therapy or in the scientific faculty of the armed forces.

Special rules and regulations:

  1. After the announcement of the results and acceptance in a specific field, transfer to the assistantship course if the source and destination universities agree, on the condition of obtaining the score of the last person accepted in the relevant quota and the approval of the special cases commission, after one full year of study, on the condition of passing all courses. It is related to the first year without hindrance.
  2. It is forbidden to change majors after declaring acceptance in any of the majors.
  3. If a person withdraws after announcing her acceptance, she will not be allowed to register and participate in the exam for 2 years.
  4. Any movement during the residency period is prohibited.
  5. In order to be a guest in the desired university, the consent of the university of origin and destination is required and it can be done after completing the first year. In this way, first the person will be a guest for the first 6 months and the second 6 months will be possible with the approval of the Special Cases Commission of the Secretary of the Specialized Council of Dentistry.
  6. Conversion from government quota to free quota (by paying tuition) is prohibited.
  7. At the discretion of the university of medical sciences where the commitment is made, educational and therapeutic commitments can be converted into each other.


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