An overview of the advantages and limitations of entering specialized courses

An overview of the advantages and limitations of entering specialized courses

Success in the specialized exam and entry into specialized dental courses has become the main concern of general dentists. large volume

Graduated dentists raise the question more and more every day that “is entry into residency courses a necessity?”

General colleagues, despite participating in various supplemental training courses for implant, restorative-cosmetic, endo, perio, etc., their internal desire to continue their education and participate in specialized courses is still observed. A sentence that is often heard is that I feel that I have not finished the work and I am not satisfied and rich from an internal point of view. I feel like I’m missing something; I have a missing one; Most of my classmates who were lower than me were accepted.

In this rare opportunity, we try to present some points about continuing education so that by examining the advantages and disadvantages of this path, the best decision can be made; So that you are satisfied in both cases. The advantages of entering specialized courses are briefly:

۱- Your field of work is limited to a specific field so that you can focus more by providing the relevant tools and facilities.

۲- The quality of the dentist’s work has increased and he will provide specialized and favorable treatment services to patients.

۳- Due to the large number of general dentistry graduates, a suitable job market will be created for the specialist.

۴- Less intellectual and practical energy will be spent on treating patients during work.

۵- The purchase of office materials and equipment is reduced and the possibility of materials expiring is reduced.

۶- After completing a specialized course and obtaining a specialized board, a specialist can work in dental schools as an assistant professor and engage in scientific and research work.

۷- Due to the increase in the popular culture of visiting a specialist dentist, the society’s approach has shifted towards receiving specialized services.

۸- An expert dentist sees it as a necessity to constantly keep her scientific information up to date.

In addition to the mentioned merits, there are also difficulties on this path, which are briefly:

In addition to the mentioned merits, there are also difficulties on this path, which are briefly:

۲- After entering the specialized course, the student must study hard and pass this course.

۳- At the end of the specialized course, the board exam with all its aspects must be passed. If you pass this test successfully, you can enter the faculty of the university.

۴- The work commitment or coefficient k in the form of treatment or education in universities and medical centers outside the center to the extent of twice the years of education is one of the problems of entering specialized courses. If a person has enough points to establish a practice, she can register in colleges that accept free students. Of course, an annual amount must be paid to the faculty of the place of study, which amount is not small; In addition, in these cases, it is often the student’s responsibility to prepare the equipment and materials. However, if the individual’s points are not enough to establish a practice, she prefers to attend other medical or educational centers to obtain the necessary points at the same time.

۵- The variety of work in the office is lost and the field of dentistry is limited.

۶- Expectations and expectations from the specialist dentist increase.

The decision and choice of the path is entrusted to you so that you can take steps in such a way that you are satisfied in any situation. Just remember that by entering the jirga of specialists, your commitment and responsibility towards the dental community will increase and you will be more targeted.

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