Don’t look for blame in the works and results related to it.

Don’t look for blame in the works and results related to it.

Every person doing things And the responsibilities that have been assigned to him or he has paid them based on his needs, he may achieve success or fail. Faced with failure, people have different approaches and examine the issue from different angles. A group without examining and analyzing the reasons for failure, just repeats the previous work and path. Due to insufficient vision, these people may fail in the next time and suffer despair and frustration. At this stage, they lose their self-confidence and justify their failure with the help of transcendental issues. An example of this category of people are those who call themselves unlucky, bad at exams, etc.

The second group

They follow the same path as above; But they look for the reason for their failure in their friends and family. In this way, these people add problems to their problems and in addition to further destroying their morale, they also lose the support of their friends and family.

By projecting, these people put their problems on others to free themselves from the trouble of analyzing the path they have taken! Because remembering and reviewing the path taken is uncomfortable and sad for them.

The third group

Without examining their previous work steps and gaining experience, they justify their failure with social reasons. Factors such as non-standard questions, inappropriate quotas, etc. Recounting these issues means that despite my high innate talent, I have not succeeded in obtaining a suitable result due to illusion! These people are trying to find a compromise with their failure.

If you are in the first group or transcendental people, you need to change your negative thinking to regain your lost confidence.

For this purpose, participate in a small test with careful planning and high effort. Now, by getting the first good result and successful experience, you will find yourself another person who can do bigger things.

But if you are in the second group, you need to do two things to achieve success:

Get peace of mind

Analyzing the path traveled and gaining experience from past mistakes. For successful analysis, you need to be calm, and this calmness is achieved through forgiveness. So even if your friends and family have been influential in your lack of success, forgive them all right now and take responsibility for your actions.

But if you are in the third group, try to accept issues and problems as they are; Even if assuming all the issues that you recount and consider them to be the cause of your lack of success are true, you must include them in your plan in such a way that you can slowly move past them safely.

If you study well and succeed in getting an excellent grade and rank, no external factor can prevent you from reaching your desired field; So it is better to strengthen ourselves more.

But remember that successful people learn from every failure and see it as a bright light on their future path. So, if we fail, we should go back with ourselves and analyze our work and method in detail, find out our shortcomings and correct them.

It is necessary to experience all the issues yourself; If you have not participated in the test yet, you can use the experience of your friends and classmates; But the experience of each of these people is based on their own special conditions and cannot be used for you completely. So it is better to use the experience of counselors who have faced many students for many years and their experiences are based on their long-term observations. So let’s not look for the culprit, be calm, review our path, plan for the future, think about success and do the same day’s work well and perfectly every day and most importantly finish it.

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