Holding an online counseling session on the importance of balance score

Online counseling session for candidates participating in the dental residency exam 1402 and 1403
Saturday, December 19; 21:00

with topics:

  • Importance of balance score
  • The reason for the lack of motivation and indifference of the specialization course candidates after a few years?
  • fatigue and impatience these days; Dopamine or serotonin?
  • ۱۴۰۲ or 1403?
  • The position of long-term planning versus short-term planning
  • The importance of the road map at any stage of study
  • Comparison of the effectiveness of coefficient courses and coefficient 1
  • “Targeted Study” vs. “Blind” Study
  • The role of sympathetic family in success

The participation is free for all dear colleagues and students.

Telegram channel link for the meeting: https://t.me/dr_kasratabari


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