setting goals in life; It leads man from the path of emptiness to excellence, growth and enjoyment of life.

🎯 goal setting in life; It leads man from the path of emptiness to excellence, growth and enjoyment of life.

This goal setting creates an endless motivation in her that no factor can weaken her will.

To move forward in life, there must be two types of goal setting.

۱٫ Long-term goal setting:
According to his worldview and attitude to life, man chooses a way that suits his needs, which is called long-term goal setting.

  • important points:
    ✅ After consulting and consulting with experienced and expert people, doubts should give way to certainty and stability.
    ✅ Under no circumstances should goals and long-term plans be told to others (even close people); Because the human brain feels that it has done and finished the work; Therefore, it loses its initial motivation.
    ✅ It should be noted that long-term goal setting should be done only once after consultation and final summary.
    ✅ Long-term goal setting must be written.
  • So:
    – The general strategy is planned only once.
    – Must be written.
    – Do not share with anyone.
    – Don’t think about it frequently to prevent despair and frustration.
    – Avoid any doubts after moving.

۲٫ Short term goals:
After determining the general strategy and long-term goal setting, it is enough to take care of your daily tasks and implement the plan regularly and accurately.
If you do the things related to that day correctly, completely and calmly every day and do not pay attention to negative and annoying thoughts; This is called short-term goal setting.

small steps; But continuous every day will make you approach your final and long-term goal calmly.
With this method, empty thoughts and frustration disappear and motivation and energy take their place. Long-term goal setting is a necessary condition and short-term goal setting is a sufficient condition.


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