Work and effort are a necessary condition for success; But it’s not enough…

Work and effort is a necessary condition for success…?!

When we pay attention to the successes of humanity, we find that humans cannot escape from the continuous benefit of science, knowledge and technology, and they need them more and more every day to succeed and achieve their lofty goals.

  • But really, how and from where do these untangling solutions to solve scientific problems come to the mind and thinking of these researchers and scientists?
    Is it only by trying and collecting scientific information that scientists can achieve these successes?
    If this is the case, why does the existing solution come to the mind of one or more specific people?
  • To answer these questions, we need to think about the following examples:
    Have you ever seen a mass flight of small insects?
    Or have you noticed the regular and diligent movement of sperms?
  • What force could really make them move with such motivation and energy?

If we look at the world around us and think a little, we will realize that a fundamental energy and intelligence governs the world and its agents.

In other words; A scientist who discovers a medicine or a vaccine, surely the consciousness of existence rushed to his help and created a bright spark in his mind.

  • So, for success and achieving the final result, there are always two necessary conditions:

۱- continuous work and effort; As a prerequisite.
۲- Connecting and asking for help from the consciousness ruling the existence; as a sufficient condition.

yes The purpose and concept of prayer is communication, companionship and synchronism with the consciousness until the light of truth illuminates the eyes of our hearts and minds.

Work and effort is a necessary condition for success

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