Decision on two ways

Decision on two ways:

One of the pervasive challenges throughout life is deciding on the available ways. In the meantime, any choice can affect our evolution

Place your beam.

In general, there are two ways to consider:

۱- Conscious choice with certainty
and in opposite
۲- Biased decision making

✅The basics of conscious choice are:

✔️ Effort, diligence and perseverance
✔️ Using the knowledge and experiences of successful people
✔️ Consult with experts
✔️Decisive decision making with certainty

✅in return; It is a fanatical movement that in this direction, a person:
✔️She has incomplete or little knowledge
✔️ He does not try to understand and understand the right path
✔️ She is deprived of consulting with caring and knowledgeable people
✔️ She firmly insists on her wrong decision.

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