Emotional, romantic and business ties are formed in every possible way.

Emotional, love and work connections are formed in every possible way.

But the challenge ahead is their long-term stability and durability.
Although there are many factors for the long-term stability of emotional, emotional and work relationships; But all these factors can be expressed in a general framework:

“mutual need”

There are four rules in this regard:
▪️ Needs are a combination of material and spiritual issues.
The length of the relationship has a direct relationship with the amount of mutual need; In other words, the greater the mutual need, the longer the relationship will last.
The duration of the relationship has a direct relationship with the duration of mutual need; In other words, as long as there is mutual need, the relationship is stable.
The more intimate the relationship is, the more the satisfaction of mutual needs is, and as a result of the frustration of satisfying mutual needs, violence and coldness of relationships are formed.

Based on “mutual need”, both partners (emotional, business, etc.) will continue on their path and will accept all adversities, hardships, differences in tastes, bitterness, etc.
But when one of the parties can meet his needs from another place or in another way, or feels unnecessary; This relationship gradually or suddenly becomes cold and silent.

In other words; The presence or absence of each party in the relationship must be tangible and tangible; That is, if you were not present for a day, the void in your existence should be felt and so should the other person…
that’s mean:
“Being and not being in any relationship should make a significant difference to the other person.”

Now put all the recommendations that are given to have a stable relationship in this framework.

Therefore, as long as the parties need each other, they will automatically observe all these points:
– Have mercy.
– Make time for each other.
– Do not compete with each other.

In the end, I remind you that long-term relationships are not strengthened by clichéd words and advice; Rather, they need strategic and executive instructions.

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